eurelectric Member

The Union of the Electricity Industry

eurelectric is the sector association which represents the common interests of the electricity industry at pan-European level, plus its affiliates and associates on several other continents. It currently has over 34 full members, representing the electricity industry in 32 European countries.

EAI represents the Irish electricity industry in eurelectric and helps shape the broader European response to developing policy and legislative initiatives.

EAI Representatives

Eurelectric Wholesale Markets

Eurelectric Wholesale MarketsPositionNamesAffiliationEAI role
CommitteeMemberJohn MacNamaraBnMChair, Markets Committee
CommitteeSubstitute--Vice-Chair, Markets Committee
WG Market Integration & Network CodesMemberClive BowersESB
WG Market Integration & Network CodesMemberKevin HannafinEnergiaChair, ISEM WG
WG Market Integration & Network CodesSubstituteJulie Anne Hannon

TF Financial Regulation & Market IntegrityMemberConnor PowellSSE
TF Financial Regulation & Market IntegritySubstituteJag BasiESBLead, Financial Regulation TF
WG Wholesale Market DesignMemberJohn MacNamaraBnMVice-Chair, Markets Committee
WG Wholesale Market DesignMemberCiaran O’BrienBrookfield-
WG Wholesale Market DesignSubstituteKevin HannafinEnergiaDep. Lead, ISEM Issues
WG Gas to PowerMemberBrian LarkinBGE Ltd.
WG Gas to PowerSubstituteDerek ScullyEnergiaLead, Gas TF

Eurelectric Energy Policy & Generation

Eurelectric Energy Policy & GenerationPositionNamesAffilliationEAI Role
CommitteeMemberJohn LawlorESBChair, Policy Committee
CommitteeSubstituteCormac MaddenESBVice-Chair, Policy Committee
WG RenewablesMemberDavid MacCartneyEnergia-
WG RenewablesSubstituteCiaran O'BrienBrookfield-
WG HydroMemberKarol O’KaneESB-
WG HydroSubstitute---
WG Thermal & NuclearMemberPeter DavisESB-
WG Thermal & NuclearSubstituteMarion TroySSE-
WG Innovation MemberGerard KeenaghanESB-
WG Innovation SubstituteFergal EganESB-
TF CCSMemberAine O'GradyESB
TF BiomassMemberCharles ShierBnM
TF BiomassSubstituteClaire DowneyIndaver

Eurelectric Distribution System Operators

Eurelectric Distribution System OperatorsPositionNamesAffiliationEAI Role
CommitteeMemberDonal CreanESBNBoard Member
CommitteeSubstitute-ESBNChair, Networks Committee
DSO Entity Task ForceMemberClare DuffyESBN
WG Active Distribution System ManagementMemberTony HearneESBN
WG Active Distribution System ManagementSubstituteTony WalshESBN
WG Distribution Regulation & PolicyMemberEllen DiskinESBN
WG Distribution Regulation & PolicySubstitute-
WG Distribution Customers & Grid ManagementMemberPhilip DenmeadESBN
WG Distribution Customers & Grid ManagementSubstituteKeith MooreESBN
WG StandardisationMemberTony WalshESBN
TF DSO-Retail Data ManagementMemberPhilip Denmeade
Susan Whyte
Electric Ireland
HG - Distribution Network G-ChargesMemberJoe DuignanESBN

Eurelectric Env. & Sustainable Development

Eurelectric Env. & Sustainable DevelopmentPositionNamesAffiliationEAI Role
CommitteeMemberJohn MacNamaraBnMBoard Member
CommitteeSubstituteDara LynottEAICEO
WG Climate ChangeMemberCormac MaddenESBLead, Climate and ETS TF
WG Climate ChangeSubstitute---
WG Environmental Protection MemberDuncan ClarkeESB-
WG Environmental Protection SubstituteMarian TroySSE-
WG Energy & Resource Efficiency MemberCormac MannionEnergiaLead, Energy Efficiency TF
WG Energy & Resource Efficiency Substitute---
SG Resource EfficiencyMember--

Eurelectric Retail Customers

Eurelectric Retail CustomersPositionNamesAffiliationEAI role
CommitteeMemberGer HarnettBGEChair, Retail Committee
WG Commercial Processes & Customer RelationshipMemberAdrienne CostelloSSE-
WG Commercial Processes & Customer RelationshipSubstitute---
WG e-MobilityMemberConor O'Brien

WG e-MobilitySubstituteDara LynottEAICEO
WG Retail Market DesignMemberJim WynneElectric Ireland

Eurelectric Board

Eurelectric BoardPositionNamesAffiliationEAI role
BoardMemberPat O'DohertyESBEAI Representative
BoardSubstituteDara LynottEAICEO
Coordinating CommitteeMemberPat O'DohertyESBEAI Representative