EAI response to the publication of Ireland’s first National Mitigation Plan

EAI CEO Owen Wilson said: "EAI, the representative body for the electricity industry in Ireland, welcomes the publication of Ireland’s first National Mitigation Plan and its recognition of the electricity sector’s success to date in reducing its carbon emissions. The electricity sector fully recognises that Ireland’s energy system requires transformation and that individuals and communities are key to ensuring this change takes place.

"We welcome in particular the detailed level of statistical and policy analysis underpinning the Plan and the commitment to continue such analyses. These highlight the fact that the effort to reduce emissions will fall predominantly on the transport and heating sector in the short to medium term. We also welcome the recognition that an integrated, economy-wide policy approach is required to optimise the long-term delivery of the plan in terms of emissions reductions and costs.

"However, we remain concerned that the scope and intensity of the measures proposed and the urgency with which future actions will be considered may not be sufficient to ensure delivery of Ireland’s 2020 and 2030 commitments. Deferral will result in the need to adopt more robust, costly and higher risk measures in the future.

"EAI has recently presented a series of policy and technical measures to support delivery of the medium and long term GHG emission goals in a study prepared by PwC 'Transitioning to a low carbon energy system'.”

Further information:

EAI response (26 April 2017) to DCCAE Consultation on the first National Mitigation Plan