EAI welcomes North South interconnector planning approval

The Electricity Association of Ireland (EAI) welcomes today’s decision by the Department for Infrastructure to approve planning permission for the North South electricity interconnector.

CEO Dara Lynott said: “The granting of planning permission today for the North South interconnector is great news for businesses and consumers across the island of Ireland. Enhancing our North South interconnector capacity will facilitate growth in renewable energy generation and bring greater security and resilience of electricity supply for the benefit of all customers.

“This new network interconnection will play a key role in decarbonising electricity and electrifying the energy sector in the most cost-effective way. It is crucial in helping the island of Ireland deliver a low carbon economy by 2050 and maximising the efficient development of renewable generation.

“Approximately 70% of electricity demand on the island lies east of a line from Cork to Belfast. This interconnector will provide the backbone for this corridor, and will increase our price competitiveness and our ability to attract foreign direct investment while delivering reduced costs for customers.”

EAI welcomed the opportunity in March 2016 to present at the oral hearing into the proposed North-South 400 kV interconnection development. The Association spoke on behalf of the electricity industry in support of the application.