The Electricity Association of Ireland (EAI) commissioned EY to prepare a report that provides a snapshot of the energy sector and its contribution to the ROI and NI economies. The report is an all-island economic review of the sector detailing its total economic investment and employment contribution to the island, examining:

-  The sector’s contribution to the all-island economy

-  Job creation within the island

-  Investment in future growth

-  The empowerment of energy consumers

Highlights include how the energy sector:

-  Contributed €725mn to tax revenue in NI and ROI

-  Employed 47,600people, equivalent to 1in every 55 jobs in NI and ROI combined

-  Invested €1.3bn in generation, networks, supply and energy efficiency, exceeding the investment in roads and public transport

-  Ranked in the top 20 among 151 countries based on the quality of electricity supply

Powering the economy, a new energy focus