Policy Committee Chair John Lawlor

Manager, Corporate Regulation, ESB

John Lawlor is currently responsible for leading regulation and energy policy development within ESB Group having previously managed the area for the generation business. He has also held a number of management positions in the generation business including IT Business Process and Projects manager for the Energy Trading business and Project Director within the company’s Power Generation team.

John previously worked for ESB National Grid (prior to the establishment of EirGrid) from 1993 to 2006. There, he held various management positions related to the de-regulation of the electricity industry in Ireland. He was responsible for the management and development of the connection offer process for connections to the transmission system, Connection Agreements and the Grid Code, as well as for submitting and negotiating the allowed revenue for the TSO with the regulatory authorities and pricing policy and calculation of tariffs for use of the system.

John was formerly Chair of the EAI Markets Committee and has represented EAI in EURELECTRIC's Market Committee for over four years.

He holds a Batchelor’s Degree in Engineering from University College Dublin.