The Electricity Association of Ireland (EAI) was established in 2008 and continues to grow in membership and activities.

EAI is the representative body for the electricity sector operating within the Single Electricity Market (SEM) on the island of Ireland.

It was established with the initial aim of ensuring Ireland’s ongoing membership of Eurelectric, the influential representative body for the electricity sector in Europe.

EAI Chief Executive Dara Lynott explains:
“We are an all-island organisation that provides a source of expert advice on industry matters and that works to enhance the industry’s reputation.
“We do this by engaging with stakeholders and opinion formers to foster a greater understanding of the challenges facing the sector, and through creating linkages with other organisations in support of members’ interests.”


Membership of EAI comprises utilities that represent over 90% of generation and retail business activities and 100% of distribution activities within the SEM. Members range in size from international power utilities to independent single plant operators.

Committee representation

Member representatives have the opportunity to sit on four EAI committees; Markets, Policy, Networks, and Retail, and on the task forces established to deliver the key policy objectives of these Committees.

Information service

EAI also provides an information service; keeping members informed of industry developments via its website and monthly newsletter, and acts as a forum for corporate networking; leading focused conversation on energy issues across Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Further information

 Introducing the EAI