Transforming the Irish energy system

Energy is the life blood of a modern economy and electricity is a key component of the energy mix. Electricity lights our homes, pumps our water, and powers our factories and hospitals. Electricity will play an essential role in the energy transition necessary to meet the challenge of climate change.

The electricity sector has made great progress in reducing its carbon emissions, with over 20 per cent of electricity consumed currently generated from renewable sources. Electricity will ultimately reduce its emissions to zero and along the way will help other sectors to decarbonise, such as heat and transport. This will enable Ireland to move to a modern, low-carbon economy.

The energy transition requires changes to the way electricity is generated and consumed on this island. Investment is needed in new and existing energy generation, transmission and distribution to deliver a clean and reliable energy system fit for the future.

Customer participation

The scale of transformation of the all-island energy system that is required will not be achieved without active participation from customers and communities. This will see an inevitable change in the traditional relationship between customers and their suppliers to one that is much more interactive.

As part of this extended relationship, the electricity industry recognises its responsibility to its customers and stakeholders to promote the link between national policies and local developments and to support communities to understand the opportunities and challenges presented by the energy transition.

Our commitment
  • Our members are fully committed to engaging and consulting with customers and stakeholders on infrastructure development.
  • We recognise that having a clear purpose and communicating the driving factors for investment and resulting benefits for society are crucial to any development process.

Further Information

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