The Energy Engage Code is a commitment by energy suppliers in Ireland, particularly members of the Electricity Association of Ireland (EAI), to support customers who are concerned about paying their energy bills, including electricity and gas. This code has been in place since 2014 and has been amended and relaunched in 2023.

The code was created to empower customers, educate customers of supports available and to reduce the number of disconnections in the Irish energy market.

Bord Gais Energy, Electric Ireland, Energia, Flogas, Prepay Power, Pinergy, SSE and Yuno Energy.

“Arrears” refer to a bill from your energy supplier that is either fully or partially overdue for payment.

A “payment plan” is a customized schedule of payments agreed upon with your energy supplier to repay any arrears owed over an agreed period of time.

You can actively engage with your energy supplier in several ways, including signing up for “Level Pay” (if offered), following a payment plan, or agreeing to have a Pay As You Go (PAYG) meter installed if it suits your needs.

You are considered an “Engaged Customer” if you actively communicate with your energy supplier directly or through a third-party representative to manage your energy bills. To engage actively is to be meeting the terms of a payment plan, and making a genuine commitment to reduce arrears on your account.

The key promises include offering support to all customers who actively engage, explaining all available options to manage energy costs, providing guidance and support on managing bills, sharing information on energy efficiency measures, and ensuring that customers who engage actively will not be disconnected.

Your first step is to contact your energy supplier directly. The Energy Engage Code has contact numbers for your supplier or alternatively you can contact your supplier via webchat, email and social media. Please see your supplier’s website for more information.

When you contact your energy supplier for support, you can expect a review of your account history, discussions about repayment options, agreement on a tailored repayment plan, and ongoing support to ensure the plan is sustainable.

Yes, different energy suppliers may offer various supports, such as repayment holidays, flexible repayment plans, and financial assistance from hardship funds. Eligibility for these supports varies by supplier.

If you are particularly vulnerable to disconnection as an older person, or someone with physical or mental health needs, please contact your supplier to register as a vulnerable customer and receive extra support.

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