What you can expect when you engage with your energy supplier

If you have temporary or long-term concerns or difficulties about paying your energy bills, you may be concerned about contacting your energy supplier. However, it is important that you contact us as soon as you can. We want to work with you to find a suitable plan that works for your circumstances.

All suppliers of the Energy Engage Code have trained staff able to assist you and guide you through the process. Below is a handy guide explaining the steps that you can expect when you make contact with us and request support.

Contact us

Contact us if you are already struggling to pay your bill or you are concerned about the cost of your bills.

All energy suppliers have dedicated staff who work every day with customers in difficulty or who have payment concerns. They are trained to work with you to understand your best options.

Details to hand

Have your account number and MPRN (electricity) or GPRN (gas) on hand. You can find these at the top right-hand corner of your bill as seen here.

Ask about options

Tell the agent that you are concerned about paying your bills and that you’d like to speak to someone about what options are available.

We suggest that before you contact us you think about your overall income and your day-to-day expenses. That way we can support you with a repayment plan that you can manage.

We will review your account history over the phone.

This will include reviewing:

  • any amount you owe on the account
  • your payment history
  • ways you can save on your energy use.

We will then discuss the available repayment options. These include manageable repayments you can make either on a weekly or on a monthly basis.

This may include installing a PAYG meter if this suits your needs.

After we have discussed your options, including a payment plan tailored to your personal circumstances, we will summarise what we have agreed.

This will include the:

  • repayment amount in euros
  • how often repayments will be made.
  • length of time of the repayment plan.

We will write to you confirming all this information.

We will also let you know on the call that if your circumstances change and you feel that the repayment plan is not sustainable then it is important to call us back/contact us again as early as possible so we can re-assess the plan.

Life events, both big and small can be a source of mental and financial distress. If your circumstances have changed and you are finding it difficult to make your agreed repayments, please contact our customer support team as early as possible and explain what’s happened.

We can:

  • review your individual circumstances and find a solution that suits you
  • arrange for you to talk to an agency like the Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS), who can work on your behalf – this service is free.

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