We hope this Code helps all customers who may need some help with their electricity and gas bills.

This includes customers who may:

  • be concerned about paying their bills, or
  • have fallen into arrears and need support from their energy supplier, and
  • are engaging with their energy supplier.

Who is an Engaged Customer?

You are an engaged customer if you actively communicate with us directly or through a third-party representative to manage your energy bills.

You can work with us to manage your energy bills by:

  • signing up to Level Pay to budget throughout the year, if your supplier offers this option. This means your bill will be a set amount.
  • following a payment plan, or
  • agreeing to have a PAYG meter installed if this suits your needs.

A third-party representative could be:

  • a charity like the St Vincent de Paul, or
  • a debt advice service like MABS (the Money Advice Budgeting Service.

How to avoid becoming a Non-Engaged Customer

  • Pay attention to communications from us about arrears – do not ignore them.
  • Contact us if you need to make a new payment plan.
  • Actively communicate with us and genuinely try to stick to a payment plan

If you communicate and work with us, you can avoid building up arrears and manage your arrears if they arise.

If you fail to communicate with us, you will be at risk of having your energy supply disconnected.

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